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Got the Caddy running

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  • Got the Caddy running

    N8 and I got the 425 Caddy started on the engine test stand today. It fires right up, idles fine and sounds real strong. Still not positive as to which Studebaker gets it, but here's my cost of under a grand so far far. (Much of it just bought because it was cheap on ebay)

    Caddy engine/400 trans $510
    Chrome valve covers $35
    new fuel pump $30
    caddy Book $20.00
    rebuilt Starter $60.00
    used, earlier Hei dist. $36.00
    Rebuilt carb $60.00
    chrome alternator $89.00
    rebuilt Water pump $30.00
    Hurst/adapter mounts $35
    oil/filter $9.00
    EGR block off plate $16.00
    HEI plug wires $27.00

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