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Front Bumper exchange?

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  • Front Bumper exchange?

    I am considering replacing the rather bulky front bumper on my 50 Champion with one of the lighter ones from a 1948 parts car that I have. I want to do this so that the front view of the car will not be dominated by the larger bumper. I know that new braces will have to be fabricated. I like the airplane propeller look with the air intake below and would really like to just leave the bumper off altogether.
    My questions include:
    Has anyone seen something similar to this?
    I have been told that there is a place in Indianapolis that does rechroming, but are there other places that do good work in the Louisville, KY or the Evansville, IN area?

    The bumper will need some minor straightening, like where someone has hooked onto the bottom of it with a chain hook and bent it down a little in different places.

    Do the places that do rechroming expect the bumper to already be straight so all they have to do is chrome it or do they normally have the equipment and expect to do some straightening?

    What has it cost others to have bumpers chromed?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

    Orleans, Indiana

    Orange County, Indiana

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    Bumper services are used to straightening bumpers. As far as who to recommend in your area I don't know. The only place I ever had a bumper done did excellent work, but they are no longer in business.

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      Any good chrome shop is accustomed to receiving projects that are in less than straight condition. They just charge extra for the additional work needed.
      Price could range from $200 to $500, depending on the shop and your desire.
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