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choke question for a '52

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  • choke question for a '52

    ok, when I got her she ran, and has run since... (just in the neighborhood mind you, no tags just yet) she's going back together, and hopefully getting an interior soon, but one thing I never really considered I thought I would ask here before it comes back to haunt me...

    when she arrived in my driveway, the choke cable was just 'floating' in the engine compartment... (it's the cable running in front of the carb in this pic) it wasn't conected to anything, and the conection on the end seems it has no place to go.. I just ended up removing the cable all together... it seems the carb might have an auto choke on it, but of course I could be WAY wrong...

    so where am I at with this choke thing? should I be concerned and figure out how to reinstall it or what?

    Baffled in SA

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    There is an automatic choke. It's the round device on the side of the carb.

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      Thanks Klif...

      That's what I thought... I'm no expert, but been around a bit... just didn't want what I "thought" to come back and bite me later!

      As I get closer to getting her on the road.. I find myself WAY over thinking things and second guessing myself a bit!


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        I hope that isn't a copper line going from the fuel pump to the carb. Copper is notorious for work hardening under vibration and cracking.

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          I will look into that! Thank you

          (great... another thing to 'over-think'...) kidding of course!