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Engine Mount / Bell housing details...

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  • Engine Mount / Bell housing details...

    yes, I am starting to see why some people don't like ford's, but it will be this or nothing for me, becasue of the deal on the ford engine. Planning on posting pics of the engine/tranny sometime next week.

    This might be pheasable for me, just waiting on details.
    Thanks for the info!

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    sorry this is in relation to "transtar with Ford 429 and C-6 tranny"


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      Oh, I like fords, and that 429 is a severely underrated engine. Technically, it should be able to beat a 427 chevy, with its huge ports. I heard that it's the only engine you can drop a golf ball thru the intake into the cylinder as long as the valve is out. And if you need the pan to be rear sump, you could always use a 4WD 460 pan and pickup tube. I've rebuilt a lot of those C6's; they're a great trans, a lot like a 727 chrysler. The only good thing about the 351w and C is that a 5.0 AOD will bolt right up. Im still waiting for pics to see which 351 you have and which trans. The 351W looks like a 302 only a little wider, but the 351C and 351M both look quite a bit alike, but like I said, the 351C has the 302 bell but the 351M matches the 429.