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motor mounts for SBC conversion

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  • motor mounts for SBC conversion

    Who is making aftermarket front mounts to convert to the small block chev engine?

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    I and the other Studebaker Vendors at sell the aluminum exact copies of the factory cast iron front engine mount brackets for Chevy small block V-8 and 6 cyl. to bolt in place of the Studebaker engine mount brackets. They fit '53-'66 Sedans/Wagons and Lark/Avanti, no C or K models or Hawks.

    StudeRich at Studebakers Northwest -Ferndale,WA
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      I got mine fron Slick Street. These were the metal brackets that bolt to the Chevy block. I then went to local parts store for the threaded doughnut insulator that goes between the metal bracket and the frame bracket on my Hawk. There were several types to pick through (different thicknesses).


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        Keep in mind the front mounts are the easy part of a swap to a SBC.

        You'll have to fab a trans mount. Set pinion angle. Shift linkage (auto). Shift and clutch linkage (manual). Driveshaft. Cooling. Throttle linkage. Exhaust. Floor tunnel clearance. Every step you run into several situations where you have to engineer and fabricate parts. Depending on the Stude, you may have to upgrade brakes and rear end also.

        Make a conservative estimate of the parts and time needed to do the swap by carefully thinking every step through. Now double both (not kidding).

        Swaps can be and are done, but there are FAR more abandoned swaps out there than completed ones.

        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA


        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA


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          What Dick said.

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            If your swap happens to be a Lark type..pick 65-66 parts..linkage, mounts, trans mount etc..will make your life easier..There are no easy swaps as other posters have pointed to..good luck..I am still trying to get mine out of the garage..

            Making resverations at the poor house parking lot for me and my 62 Lark..


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              Hello all
              Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not new at this I just didn't know what was a source for the parts. I have a 53 commander coupe, 350 turbocharged, TH400, 3:07 reargear, posi, HD sperings and shocks all around, HD front and rear sway bars. Built 30 years ago. And many since.
              My inquiry was for a customers car. 59 Lark, he wants full SBC drivetrain installed, with approriate cooling mods, brakes mods etc.
              Thaks again
              Ken Michael, Studebakers Only, AZ