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  • Black Diamond Abrasive

    Initially, to assure Studebaker content:

    I was sand blasting a set of Studebaker valve covers (Thanks Dick S.) today in my blast cabinet and realized that I needed to replace the sand that seemed to be like fine marbles. Little effect in the siphon system.

    To save time, I went to the local TSC store instead of my paint guy only to find out that they had no sand but stocked an abrasive called Black Diamond for $8.00/bag.

    Decided to try it. Holy Smoke[:0] does that stuff cut. I can't tell from the bag the composition of the abrasive but it has earned a permanent place in this cabinet.

    Had to reduce the pressure to keep from attacking the steel.


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    Make darn sure you don't leave any residue in cover to migrate to engine.
    Don't ask me how I know this!
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      They call it Black Beauty around is coal slag. The steel mills need to get rid of the slag, so a company by the name of Reed Mineral grinds it up and makes abrasive blast media out of it...It does cut very well. It can be bought in different grits from ex fine to ex course..I have sand blasted a ton of swimming pools with this stuff..It's great stuff..I blasted my Lark and the Cicero Indiana Stude fire truck with the ex like a charm!

      Making resverations at the poor house parking lot for me and my 62 Lark..


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        Make sure to buy some extra replacement ceramic tips for your blaster gun....
        You will need them sooner than you think...

        HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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          Too abrasive for paint removal on sheet metal.

          On its way to a 15.097 Spring 2006.


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            Different grits...use ex-fine and the job will turn out fine..The ex- fine is similar to old school fine silica..I used to do this for a living...dirty work for sure..

            Making resverations at the poor house parking lot for me and my 62 Lark..


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              You guys talked me into trying some. I'll see how it does on old powder coating.

              Jamie McLeod
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              Jamie McLeod
              Hope Mills, NC

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