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Non-Studebaker lock problem.

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  • Non-Studebaker lock problem.

    Bought a '74 Chevy C-30 catering truck at auction the other day. Not very pretty but has the 350 engine with 4 barrel, power steering, brakes, 4 brand new tires, etc. AND if we wanna sell tacos, we're set!

    The PO had died and there are NO keys available. We've removed the steering wheel and all the attendant stuff from the column, thinking we could remove the ignition thing from the steering column. Nope. So we're gonna rent a slide hammer and do it that way. Already purchased a new switch/lock/cylinder.

    However, the gas tank also has a lock. I'm wondering if there is any "jiffy" way to remove it that won't blow up in my face?



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    If its just a cheepie plastic cap, then all you have to do is pry the top part off of the bottom threaded part. In between the two halves there will be a lock cylinder and ratchet type mechanism. Just throw the top cylinder and ratchet away and get out the big waterpump plyers and unscrew the rest of the cap! Hope this helps, if its the metal type I wish you the best of luck.

    And for what its worth there are thousands of these trucks and therefore columns floating about, it would be just as easy to swap the whole thing and not hurt yourself trying to force it apart?

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      All these lock questions make me wonder -- why not do it the way thieves do it? (If you don't want the lock anymore.) Shove a straight screwdriver into it and twist to get past the tumblers and then follow the instructions. I'm just thinking out loud. If you can call it thinking.

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        Why don't you remove it the correct way so nothing inside the steering column gets damaged. Pull the steering wheel, remove the lock plate, remove the 3 screws holding down the turn signal switch which will give you access to the one screw holding in the lock cylinder.


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          What Bowss said, Johnny; no sense tearing it up when you can do it the right way easier.

          However, '74 might be a little early for the single TORX screw holding the lock cylinder in place. You may have to just insert a knife or thin-blade screwdriver in the spring-loaded tab facing you when the turn signal switch is out of the way, to push down on the spring-loaded tab and get the cylinder out.

          Advice: Go to Auto Zone or wherever and get a new lock cylinder and keys for that application ($12-$16) and that will tell you how the original is held in.

          Also, once you have the turn signal switch loose, you don't have to remove it entirely. Just coax the wires up the column a bit and swing it up and out, over the top of the steering shaft, to hang out of the way while you are working on everything else. BP
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            Free advice,The slide hammer breaks things you need.Drill the tumblers.Ford has a simple system that allows the lockset to be removed with the switch in ACC,not sure about chevrolet but I bet it would be simple if you could move the switch.Steve

            EDIT:Sorry,I should have read the entire thread,good advice had already gotten there.Steve


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              How much for two hard shell taco supremes and a mexican pizza?


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                quote:Originally posted by buddymander

                How much for two hard shell taco supremes and a mexican pizza?
                Hey, you can have the whole truck!!

                Already messed up the steering column but will replace it shortly. I think that 350 will fit just right in a '66? Just gotta find one. Don't tell my wife.