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    I pulled the radiator out of the Hawk, and had it re-cored. Since I pulled that, I pulled out everything in the engine and cleaned the engine down to re-paint. I want to have the air cleaner, shroud, fan, and other stuff painted gloss black. Should I give the parts to my buddy with the body shop and have him paint the stuff, or if I do it myself what gloss paint should I get. Even though I believe that gloss black is not correct for the shroud, it looks really sharp and that is the way I want to go.


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    I assume for a job this size you will use spray cans. The best spray enamel on the market, for my money, is Krylon. Good coverage and nice smooth finish. Just be sure to use the Krylon primer on the metal. It adheres very well.

    I use it all the time when I don't want to fire up the Devilbuss.



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      Just painted the shroud on our 61' Hawk yesterday Bill. Didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but will have to do for now. I used Rustoleum gloss black because, like you I prefer the shiny finish. Used my small rotary grinder on the inside because of the years and miles of the fan throwing stuff at it. On the outside I used a wire brush where needed and finished up with one of those abrasive pads. Rattle can painting, especially gloss,is very temperature sensitive, so paint on the warmest day possible (50deg. min. 60deg. better). Normally I only use rattle can gloss on warm summer days, but this year I don't want to have down time during the car show season (don't we all?). Before you start, be shure that the can and the backup can DOES work[:0][:I]. Go buy fresh cans at your store of choice, don't use cans that you have been storing for some time, especially if they have been subjected to cold[B)][:I]. If you can afford it, have a local auto paint shop do it and you will be happier with the outcome. Hope info helps, good luck.

      Dean Croft




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        If the parts are all b eing seperated, may I suggest powdercoating? You can get gloss black and it will not be affected by engine compartment heat. Usually pretty close to paint in terms of cost.

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          I did my Hawk's shroud last summer by powder coating and it turned out great! I have tried spray paint before and it just does not hold up very well.

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          Dan White
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            lately I've been taking my painted components up over 130 F or so with either a few hours in the sun on a windless day, or some time spent a few feet in front of the kerosene salamander.
            10X harder and more solvent resistant compared to a several days of air drying