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oilholes in cil.heads

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  • oilholes in cil.heads

    Now the seals are ok,there is a new question
    When the head is on the block I see in the left and righthand down side two holes,I think oil draining holes to the oilpan.
    The righthandside seems clogged.
    Thin oil goes thru,thicker oil stays in for long time,is this normal?
    or is the channel really clogged?

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    What is normal with a car as old as ours?, its not intended.

    There is one drain hole in each head, at the aft (back) end. it's a bit larger than 1/4 inch, should be open all the way through to permit the oil to run back into the crankcase. Otherwise it will fill the head and run down the pushrod holes, not as it's intended. To clean this, you do not want to push the crud down into the crankcase. I used a drill bit, screwing it into the crud, then pulling it out, cleaning the 'threads' and repeating until I got the hole clear. I imagine some gets into the crankcase, but far less than if you just pushed it thru.

    Tom Bredehoft
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      Thanks Tom,I understand what you mean about the drainhole in the back ,they are ok on both heads.
      But there is another hole on the front side ,same diam. but only 4 inch deep,and on 3/4 inch above the bottom there is a junction to the left that has a bit smaller diam.
      It seems clogged but as you say it is not a drain hole.
      What is it ?


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        The heads are drilled so as to fit either side of the engine. Drain passages exist only in the rear of the block. So the unused hole in the head is blanked off by the block casting in front. If you have disturbed the gunk in there, clean it out as best you can. Otherwise, leave it alone.

        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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          Thanks for your fast and clear answer Gord,this is again an example of the fact that we overhere are not raised as youngsters with V engines with two cil. heads!
          But how gets the oil there by the rockerarm,I mean thru what hole{s}?
          Dick Waterreus


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            the rockers are oiled through the rocker stands, the oil comes up around the bolts that bolt the rocker stands to the heads. Then the oil goes through the shaft and out the holes in the shaft to lube the rockers. This is different from a "modern" engine with hyd. lifters where the oil comes up through the pushrods.


            55 Commander Starlight
            55 Commander Starlight


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              Thanks Nate.