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37 studebaker steering box help please!!

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  • 37 studebaker steering box help please!!

    I am trying to fix up a steering box on my 37. It was apart when I got it[V]. I was able to get the lower front end bearing together. I greased it up very well. When I installed it into the car. It didnt work. I can turn the wheel to the right with no issues. however when turned to the left the worm gear backs itself out about an inch and an eight. it binds up. so Im pretty sure i am missing a part. at the cowl end of the box there is a retainer held in with four bolts. the steering tube clamps onto it. Im seeing nothing that stops the steering shaft from worming back out when turned to the left. I was hoping that someone has a scan or image of a breakdown to see what part im missing. any help would be great. thanks Jon

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    There should be bearings (ball) on each end of the cam.
    They are set with shims that are under the top plate.
    Combination of .003,.010 and .030 shims are used in between paper gaskets.


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      yea I thought that. anyone have an illastration