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Sticking hood release

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  • Sticking hood release

    On my 60 Lark, I don't like the way I have to apply lots of pull to get the hood to pop. There doesn't appear to be any binding of the cable, as it travels under the clips. I re-greased the opening mechanism, which moves freely, and tried to apply some light oil to the housing, but I'm afraid one of these days the handle will come off.
    Should I be looking at the hood part that seats? (the gazinta)

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    Open the hood, look at the upper end of the big screw with the cone on the end for a big nut. Loosen it and unscrew (loosen) the cone, so there is less pressure on it when the hood is closed. This MAY solve your problem. If it does, adjust it down to where the hood is tight, but the cable doesn't stretch when you pull it.

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      When you detatch the cable from the release mechanism, is the cable still difficult to operate in and out? That's the best way to determine if it's the cable or the mechanism that is providing the resistance.

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        I would remove the entire cable, soak in parts cleaner, lube with your favorite flavor and return to service.

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          With the hood open, the cable wasn't hard to pull and moved freely.
          Adjusting the spring-cone catch on the hood, down a bit did the trick!
          Thanks again for the help.