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adding power windows

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  • adding power windows

    Has anybody installed one of those power window kits on their car (not the crank turning ones, but the full track replacement ones)? The crank windows I have are not the easiest to work with. I was considering getting a kit that replaces the track and converts them to power. Has anybody done this? I'm curious to know how smooth the install was and if it worked as you thought it would.

    Thank you,

    1950 Studebaker Champion 2dr sedan.

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    I have not personally installed power windows but a friend just completed an installation in a 36 Ford. He used a kit from EZwiring and it went together like they said it would, and they work quite well. You do need to replace the channels also.

    A second thought--have you lubed your original regulators. Also, you might be able to get NOS ones through one of the Studebaker Vendors.


    Jeff Jones
    Tucson Arizona
    1947 M-5


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      I'm not sure what Stude you are asking about. I chose to use the window crank type in my 54 Hardtop.

      I looked at the stand alone type but decided that because of the slant of the window and the need to angle the mechanism, it appeared to be a cut and try proposition. I did what JJ described and cleaned and lubed the mechanism. They work quite well now.

      If I were to try to use the total replacement mechanism, I'd buy one of the better sets that have some flex and adjustability. I think you could use all the Studebaker tracks and guides.

      If it's straight up and down, then I think the new mechanism would work well but I'll still stay with type that uses the original mechanism.

      My whole decision would change if someone made a direct replacement for the Stude Unit.



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        Sweetbob, They do make direct replacements. They are made a company called Nu-Relics. Check out their web site.
        I have put these in my wagon this past year. They look just like the original crank reg's from Studebaker but have motors. The only thing I had to do was shim them out (on the inside of the door)a little as the hit the vent window runner about 1/2 up . They work great and are no harder to install then the non power orig. (4 bolts),They are direct bolt ins. I also went with the switches that look original using the same crank handle but when you touch it they go up and down. When I talked with them they said these kits were build using a Stude a couple years younger then mine so they may not need shimed in your case. Also these use all the stude tracks and runners, really they are a direct replacement and no one will know the difference.Good luck.


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          They make windows for any car out there. Just send them money and your stuff and you get really nice power windows back! They are bolt in with no fiddling to get everything lined up. Choice of switch is the hardest decision you will have to make!

          Bill, Many Fords and one great Stude!


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            KG and Bill

            Thanks for the info. Their site shows $420 for a pair for the 54. That seems a fair price for a pair of lifts.

            However, I have several sets of window mechanism's for the K body. My CASO other-half wonders if there is any savings in sending them a set of lifts to modify?

            Thanks for the info.

            Bob []


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              Wow, lots of good responses. I don't really want to spend $400 plus though. My goal for this car is to build something cool, without breaking the bank. I don't want a total restoration to new, I don't want a tricked out hot rod. I want a little bit of everything. My rough budget is around $6,000 for the build. And the interior is where a good chunk will go. Paint will probably be a flat black.

              I think maybe I'll be the guinea pig for the el cheapo window kits. They are $130 on Ebay for a pair of windows. If they don't work, then at least I can let people know. If they do, then I can let others know of the possibilities. I'll do a write-up. It'll probably be a few weeks from now. Right now I'm in the middle of rewiring the car. Just took out the dash and painted it (just need to buff it).

              Thank you,

              1950 Studebaker Champion 2dr sedan.