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57 Golden Hawk wiring

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  • 57 Golden Hawk wiring

    Can someone tell me where the wire that is connected to the resistor mount goes to? Mine is cut.

    Need same information on right side wire of resistor. That wire cut also. Goes together? Doesn't look like sme wire.

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    Oh by the way. This car has the petronix kit on it. Including the high spark ignition.


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      The wire on the right side should go to the ignition switch, the brown goes to the coil plus side, the green used to go to the start solinoid to bypass the resister during start.

      I assume the car runs now and the modifications were made by persons unknown to put the Petronics in? If it don't run hook it up stock and start over after you get spark to the plugs.

      Bill, Many Fords and one great Stude!


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        Great idea. I will put it back and start over.

        Thanks Paul.


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          If I recall the Pertronix requires a full 12 volt supply. Are you sure yours even needs that resistor in line? Check your installation instructions and see if I'm correct?


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            I don't know what you mean by "high spark ignition", but if you are running a Pertronix 40,000 volt or 45,000 volt Coil, it has internal resistance, so you run the power directly from the Ignition switch to the + side of the coil, no resister.

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