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  • 454 water pump

    OK, this isn't really a studey question.
    I did get my 454 in my 49 champ. it was not too bad. I will need as much room in front a possable. I seem to remember someone mentioning a snub nose water pump for a 454. Is there such an animal? where can I get one?

    Dave Herbeck

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    I think it was 1971 for the last year forthe short bbc water pump. Sometimes you can get them in aluminum on ebay for about fifty bucks (new). I got one for a 53 studebaker truck.


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      Pro-Form makes a electric water pump for BBC, about $150. All billet aluminum.


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        1971 Corvette with a 454 had the shortest set up. You will need All of the brackets and pullys. Water pump,crank, power steering and air conditioner, if you are so inclined. The alternator pully is the same, just the brackets are different. Some of the brackets are cast and designed for cast exhuast manifolds. If you can't find used, many were still availible a few years ago from the dealer. Now days you may have to check with a muscle car parts vendor specializing in Corvettes. I learned these bits of information while installing a 454 in a Avanti for street use.
        Good luck with your project.