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  • Engine: Engine ID help needed

    I have a 1930 Graham Paige and I am told that the engine is a 1928-30 studebaker—I need confirmation—is this a studebaker (what year) or a Graham super 8 continental? Help me please!!!!
    Mr. duffy

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    Any help would be welcome! It has a 3 speed transmission . Need some parts


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      Doesn't it have raised Casting numbers on the Head and Block and maybe even a machined flat Pad on the Left Front side of the Block with a STAMPED into the Block Engine Serial Number like all newer Studes. have?

      If you post those Numbers we could tell.
      I don't see a Graham coming from the Factory with a Stude. Engine but it COULD have one Now, someone familiar with "Old" Studes. will know by the Look of the Engine.
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        Surprise! It actually is a Stude engine. Look for a stamped engine number near the top of the block, left side, above water inlet manifold. Should start with an 'F'.
        Enlarge pics as needed by clicking on them.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	eng.left.jpg
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Name:	eng.right.jpg
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          Nice detective work Dwain!

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        Man is that a BEAUTIFUL auto !
        And good detective work too. I had no idea Studebaker was selling motive power to other companies either.
        Guess I'll be doing some research into Graham Paige also.


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          I am pretty sure No One said it "Came" with that Engine !

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        So far I have found no mention of G-P ever using Studebaker engines. I'm guessing the car didn't leave the factory with a Stude engine.


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          Not so fast, gents! Note that the engine does NOT have a water pump on the side of the block, it appears to be in the front. I thought all Studebaker 8s prior to 1938 had side-mounted pumps. Any chance this is a Pierce-Arrow block? But, as Dwain says, let's see the serial number on the side of the block plus the casting numbers for the block and head.
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            Well Well Well


            The more I looked at the engine compartment, the more questions I had. My 1935 Commander 250 8 had the water pump on the side. Then, I noticed that the steering post was on the right side of the engine, thinking that the photos had been flipped. I still did not see where the water pump was.

            So I googled 1930 Graham Paige. I came up with the Mecum auction in Dallas in September 2022. I know Studebaker did ship items CKD but I don't know when that started. If an overseas company that assembled more than one make from CKD it may be possible that the company that put the car(s) together may have played fast and loose with assembly and may have used a Studebaker engine if that was the only thing available. Again, this is purely speculation with a trail that is cold after 90 years. An automotive historian familiar with independent makes could maybe shed some light on this mystery.

            I am also not aware of Studebaker using a 4 speed transmission, like Packard used in similar vintage cars. Perhaps Mr Richard Quinn may be able to answer some of this questions.

            Bob Miles
            Maybe one of one made, or not


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              Historian Richard Quinn may have an answer. That car might have a known history. Check on this forum.......
              D 'N Q RACE ENGINES


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                the number cast on the block and head is 156042. same number on both. it has a 3 speed transmission


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                  The car was special ordered by the Presidant of Paraguay in 1930. right hand drive. It was built in Detroit by Graham Paige and custom bodied by Dietrich Hibbard Lebaron.
                  I ordered a gasket set for a 1930 graham paige super 8 motor and nothing fit. Since then I was told it was a studebaker engine--kind of weird that someone would change the motor & trans to an earlier model engine from a different car company. I have been told that because of the depression many small car companies were using parts from anywhere they could find them and stocks of their original parts were depleted. Block number cast on the head and block is 156042 and below that is H 2 16. Does that coincide with any studebaker numbers? Looks like a part number and not an engine number?? Thanks for any and all help--you guys are great!


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                    If the cast-in number "H 2 16" is a casting date code, and if the engine is a Studebaker engine, then "H 2 16" would mean 1928 February 16, or Feb. 16, 1928.

                    --Dwight (have documented these casting date codes back to 1922.)


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                      Great information Dwight—thank you! It has the h.2.16. Cast on the block.. There is a stamped number on the block which is 737001 that coincides with Graham Pierce and is on the title.
                      Is there any record of studebaker engines with the 156042 series engine numbers?


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                        Answers to some of the questions above: Also there is no “F” number. The car is right hand drive.
                        Do any numbers on the 3 speed transmission signify it is studebaker? The water pump does not pump through the side of the water jacket cover. It pumps through the front of cover thru the block.
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