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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Shift Linkage '51 Commander

    1951 Commander. Studes are new to me. Long time since I had a 3 on the tree. Found yet another grease fitting and noticed this. Is this linkage supposed to move on the steering column? Bolt is tight. Shifts okay. Thanks, Jack

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    The shift lever moves inside the housing, so yes it needs a shot of grease.


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      Looks just like my sons. There is a rod the travels down the shaft next to the steering shaft. The rod rotates as you shift. first and reverse are the first lever and 2nd and third are the second lever in your pic. That assembly in your pic should be fixed to the column and not rotate if that is what you are asking. One side of the attachment has a washer that sits between both halves. That washer keys into a slot on the column that stops the assembly from rotating as well as locating the assembly radially on the column.


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        I just noticed this issue. The car is on jack stands since I've been working on the brakes. The assembly moves up and down the column as you can see by the displaced grease on the column. I'll take it apart and see what happened to that washer and the slot. Thanks. I'll report back but it will be a while due to travel. Jack


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          Click image for larger version

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