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  • Body / Glass: rubber body spacers

    Anyone know where I can obtain the rubber spacers that go between the floor pans and body mounts for 57 hawk?
    Bills 57

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    Studebaker International…catalog page 114.


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      I used to cut them out of an old tire, but steel radials kinda ruined that. Go with SI. Be sure you keep track of which one goes where--they are different thicknesses. Put a string and a tag on each one corresponding to its numbered location (in the book) or put each one in a Ziplock bag with the number in the bag.


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        I see by your number of posts you may be new to this....Here is just one of the many vendors you may need....Get Turning Wheels...


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          Yes, yes. SDC is fairly unique in that we enjoy so many great sources for parts and information. That is not the case with other marques. Look up Studebaker Vendors on the computer. Be careful on ebay . what you get can be something totally different than what was advertised or might be unusable. That is also a good way to pay too much .
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            I am fairly new to forum and thankful for the great advice I've received. Bought a 57 hawk in the early 1980s and it sat in garage until this year when I retired and began the restoration. Lots of rust... completed the cut out and welding of new metal in the trunk and rear inner fenders and now starting on replacing with the floor pans and body mounts with parts I bought from Classic.