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    Originally posted by Hawklover View Post
    How thick does the wick have to be?...........can I just cut some felt material (like on the bottom of lamps) and place it under the rotor? And please tell me, what exactly is an oil doped wick supposed to effectuate? Is not lubing the cam with lube and some drops in the side cup enough??
    They are 3/16" Thick and Felt Washers, maybe Two layers of lamp Insulator felt without the Glue a piece of Real Felt would be better.
    They will allow slow dripping of a small amount of Oil on the Upper Dist. Shaft Bushing if periodically Oiled.
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      Rich would you say the size of the felt wick is like that of a dime? I have felt material I picked up at a place that sells fabrics. Since I am 35 miles from the car just want to cut a piece here and take with me to the garage. I guess what I really want to know is the size (inside) of the cam the rotor fits onto??