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'62 radio & blown fuses

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  • Electrical: '62 radio & blown fuses

    One of the things I noted on the 25K mile Daytona I bought recently is the radio did not work - light behind dial did not even light up. Pulled the fuse out and it was blown.

    Fuse was a 2.5, AWG that was 1/4 x 7/8 and I am not sure if that is even supposed to be in there - no operators guide so not sure.

    Anyway - finally found that fuse online and received them today. Installed a new one and when the knob was switched on, the light behind the dial flashed and then went out - fuse blown . . .

    Am I using to right amp fuse? If so, what might be wrong internally to cause it to blow right away.

    Thanks ahead.

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    Click image for larger version

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ID:	1966429 Shop manual says AGW-2 1/2 for automatic and AWG 4 for manual. I assume that means manual adjusting radio and not tranny.😊
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      Originally posted by Son O Lark View Post
      2.5 seems very small. Have checked your owners manual?
      Car did not come with one - one is in the mail - someone will know. Thanks


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        Sorry 62champ, I edited my post during your answer to it.


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          Thanks for the help

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        Sounds like you will be trying a 4 AMP to see if the Radio is shorted or it was just too low a Fuse ?

        Check that Pilot Light wire tucked on top of the Radio case where it gets crushed and shorted to ground.
        We know for sure that it is in the Radio Circuit, not the Dash Lighting because it flashed on and then out.

        Not sure WHAT that Manual is trying to say ! An "Automatic" Radio? Not a Push Button one?

        If they meant a Signal Seeking Model, it would take MORE than a 2 1/2 with a Station Selector Motor!

        I think we need Radio Roy here!
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          My best guess is that there is a short in the radio, and the fuse is doing what fuses are meant to do: blow to protect the car's wiring.
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            The 1962 all transistor radios used a 2.5 amp fuse and the manual tune radio which is known as a hybrid because it has 4 tubes and one transistor in it uses a 4 amp fuse due to the current draw of the tubes. If your radio is blowing fuses, it is likely that either the output transistor is shorted or the filter capacitor has developed one or more leaky or shorted sections. Either way, the radio has to be serviced by someone that has experience working on those radios as the repairs necessary to make the radio work are not for beginners. Do not try using a higher amperage fuse as all that will do is cause more damage costing more money to do the repairs. Bud


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              Thanks Bud - that is all good to know.