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48 Champion Starter Issues

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  • Ignition: 48 Champion Starter Issues

    My 48 Champion has recently become difficult to start. I had the starter prof rebuilt two years ago and the solenoid replaced. The starter button on the floor has recently been replaced. The battery is nearly new. When I depress the clutch pedal to engage the starter button I hear a click but she doesn't crank. I have to press the clutch/starter button about 20 times then finally she will fire up and run without issue. The problem was at first intermittent but now is happening almost each time I start the car. Any ideas what has failed? Ted

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    Sounds like a bad connection somewhere. I would check the cables, and connections, including the ground. Sometimes the cables turn green inside the insulated cover, and can still look fine from the outside. Your repeated attempts to start it creates heat in the poor connection, and makes it eventually carry enough power to crank the engine.
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      Also add a ground cable from battery to starter.


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        What gauge are you battery cables? They need to be 1/0 AWG if you are still using the 6-volt electrical system. Check ALL your connections and look for battery cable corrosion!


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          It’s important to know whether you are still 6v pos grnd. If so use booster cables jump from battery post connections directly to starter, being sure you have transmission in neutral, parking brake applied or wheels chocked to prevent rolling. If engine turns over ok, then keep going backward on the NEGATIVE circuit to solenoid. If starter fails to turn engine when you are jumping from battery negative post to terminal on battery side of starter switch and depressing clutch to start then your starter switch is not making contact when depressed to start. Either bad starter switch or possibly clutch pedal arm is not depressing the switch solidly. Jump between the terminals on the switch if engine turns over then problem exists at starter switch. Just follow the trail from starter to battery with jumper cables to find the connection problem.
          I know I have probably jumped around a lot and possibly overlooked something just wait for more info, as others will surely know what I missed!
          By the way, what is your mechanical expertise? It helps us to help you knowing your abilities.