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Throttle linkage and Sniper

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  • Fuel System: Throttle linkage and Sniper

    On my 63 Avanti does anyone know what the second hole on the throttle linkage is for? The first hole is for the connection to the Sniper in my case, carb in original form. Speaking of which I am going to have to shorten this by about 1/2 inch in order to connect to the Sniper with the proper 17/62 spacing. Anyone else do this or did you change the linkage?
    Thanks, Tom

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    Sorry, what is a sniper?


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      I don't know about the linkage, but interested in how the fuel injection works out. Sniper is the Holley system to add fuel injection. Hope to see updates when you get it up and running.
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        No worries.
        Holley Sniper EFI throttle body that replace the carburetor.


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          Adding a visual to see what the second hole is for. See the arrow.
          Thanks. Tom
          Click image for larger version

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          • GrumpyOne
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            I've seen *that* hole used for a return spring...

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          Different cars used different holes in the linkage. The inner hole would give quicker opening but less travel. Some were even "U" shaped up top. (WCFB) carb equipped cars for instance.
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            Thank you for the response. Wondering if you changed the linkage on the Sniper to a progressive linkage ( to control the flow or if you have any thoughts on this arrangement. Thanks in advance.


            • bezhawk
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              I would recommend using the progressive linkage. Although the sniper adjusts for air flow, it's quite a big slug of air all at once without the progressive link. The stock Sniper throttle body opens all 4 barrels at the same time otherwise.

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            The Question asked and Answer you are looking for, not Yet answered is:

            The Rear Hole in the Bellcrank Lever is Only used for Stromberg 2 Brl. Carbs.

            The Forward Hole, was used only on WCFB and AFB FOUR Barrel Carbs.

            For Fuel Injection, you would have to use whatever works the best.
            But do keep in mind that this Bellcrank does control the Throttle Pressure and Complete operation of Borg Warner Automatics, the down shift of them and the Overdrive downshift to Direct on Manual Overdrives, so it's adjustment CAN be Critical depending on how much "Studebaker" you are running on your Modified.
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              Thank you this information it really helps!


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                Here is my solution for the throttle linkage with the Holley Sniper. Bought a 1/4 - 28 thread stainless steel rod ( and this ( Dorman 41031 Throttle ball joint 1/4 - 28 thread. I then cut down the rod to allow for the 17/64 throttle valve linkage gap. To make this work I had to use the rearward hole and will use the forward hole for the return spring going to the top of the valve cover. I painted the transmission link yellow to make it easier to see when everything is back together and it will be adjusted per the manual. One of these days this car will be back on the road and hopefully all this will work...

                Click image for larger version

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