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  • Electrical: Avanti power antenna

    Has anyone been successful with the installation of a power antenna in a Studebaker Avanti?
    Just wondering what is involved, how much "hacking" up of the car has to be done to effectuate this mod?

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    Remove the Manual Factory Antenna, measure the Hole and buy a aftermarket Kit that fits the hole, No damage to the car or it's originality.
    This might be handy if you buy a disappearing Ant. and regularly use a Car Cover.

    That should not be any more trouble than Mounting the Mast, running the Power Wire to an Antenna Switch, Ignition Switch and Ant. Cable to Radio, Mounting the Switch.

    Modern Stereo Radios even have a Power Antenna Wire Terminal and automatically raise the Antenna when powered up.
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      A lot of aftermarket radio antennas assume a steel body and do not have a separate ground wire. One would need to add one on a fiberglass car.
      Skip Lackie