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Ventilation door assembly question

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  • Cool/Heat: Ventilation door assembly question

    55 Commander, sedan, vent door spring. Where does the lower end of the ventilation door spring anchor, see attached picture

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    Goodness, doesn't that bring back memories! I don't have an answer for you because I didn't know it had a spring - mine doesn't. But that may be because I just left it off or there wasn't one on it when I cut it out of the car.

    Believe it or not I grafted one of those onto the cab of my '51 Ford F1 Truck to service the "Magic-Aire" Heater "Fresh Air" feature after removing the original duct up in the front fender when I converted to a front tilt.

    Enough about that until you get an answer. Good luck!


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      This is how my 54 sedan is configured


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        My '62 is like Altair's '54 sedan but, there is no added tab welded to the frame, well, there might have been before I removed the door and repaced it with a grill, but I don't remember it. I removed the door because it and the outer door couldn't be opened because the AC was in the way. I made a new lever assembly mounted to the bottom of the right corner of the dash that can be easily accessed to open the outer door. Currently there is just a hole in the sheetmetal about the same place the spring hooks through.


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          Thanks, still looking for original set up but may have to get creative


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            Here’s how it’s put together on my 53.

            Click image for larger version

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              Thanks mb, I see a similar attachment hole on my car as can be seen in the picture. Will try it out. My car didn’t have a spring when I first got it. This forum comes through again.


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                You guys are just evil because this thread made me go look.
                I mean I would have gotten to this eventually but it was very low on the priority list.

                So now I have screens, springs, and gaskets on order thank to our great Studebaker vendors. Of course you have to throw in a couple other items while you're on the phone...

                Thanks to everyone on the forum, its great to see other people vehicles and projects. As usual the forum is a great resource and I am proud to be part of it.
                DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
                1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)


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                  Ok, here’s what I ended up doing. I liked what mb did as it might have been as built but that would have required the removal of the clam shell duct assembly and that requires a contortionist so went creative on you.