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HELP - 1953 Pickup (2R5) Frame

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  • HELP - 1953 Pickup (2R5) Frame

    A member of our club in Minnesota is looking to find a dimensional drawing of a 2R5 frame. He says it is the 112" standard frame. Can anyone lead us to this drawing on the web? Or, we would like to know which manual would be needed in order to find this information. Of course, if anyone happens to have the picture available we would love to get a copy of it. I'm guessing that he probably wants to make his own frame for a street rod application. Thanks much!!

    P.S. I really don't know if it would be proper to send that info over this forum. I'm sure that a small fee could be paid if needed.

    Jim Ringquist

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    The dimensions of the truck frames are shown in the truck shop manual. The frames of all 49-59 C-cab trucks with the same wheelbase have the same dimensions. I don't know if the data are anywhere on the Web, but reprints of the the shop manuals themselves are readily available. If that one page is all you need, I can mail you a copy.

    Skip Lackie
    Washington DC
    Skip Lackie