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  • 64V-K7
    Nothing goes on the shaft. The inner bushing collar never turns on it. Grease might be a good rust preventative, but might attack the rubber. Silicone grease would be better, as this can protect the rubber, but I'd be careful not to let any get on the large end rubber until after the cap bolts were correctly tightened.

    Bob Johnstone

    64 GT Hawk
    55 President State Sedan
    70 Avanti (R3)

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  • Dan Ward
    started a topic front suspension assy

    front suspension assy


    I am assembling the front end on my 57 Hawk. Specifically, the upper and lower control arms, the coil springs, and the spindles. The question I have is in regard to the control arm bushings--the rubber ones that press into the a-arms and fit onto the control arm shafts that then bolt to the frame. The new bushings have a metal inner and outer sleeve. The inner sleeve fits onto the control arm shaft. This is a metal to metal fit. I have been told that the bolt that holds the bushing is designed to crush down on the shaft and take up any slack between the shaft and the inner sleeve of the bushing. At any rate, when I took it apart, there was what looked like anti-seize between the shaft and the inner sleeve of the bushing. Question:
    What should be applied to these surfaces, if anything?? When I painted the control arm shafts, I did not paint the turned surfaces where the bushing sit ( I can see rust starting already!). My understanding is that the inner sleeve of the bushing is NOT suppose to turn on the shaft, so grease might be a bad idea. Since I hope not to have to do this again, I would like to do it right. Thanks to all!!! Regards Dan