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caring for interior

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  • caring for interior

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to protect/rejuvinate the imitation reptile hide portion of the door panel on my '51 Land Cruiser? Personally I think it's rather tacky looking, but it's in good shape on all four doors. I guess back then it was cool to have what looked like a dead reptile plastered onto your car.

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    Hi John,

    For keeping special leathers and materials supple I have confidence in Leatherique's products. See:

    I'm sure there is other stuff but I'll hang with these guys for high quality and knowing what does what.

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      I don't know what Studebaker used for this application. If it was leather in lieu of ersatz, then, Neatsfoot oil would do the job quite well. This product is available in any equestrian supply or tack store. You might try the local feed store as well. Don't let them talk you into anything else! If it's vynal, you're sunk.

      Oh, one thing, DON'T use neatsfoot oil on any leather upholstry. It will come off on you. If the leather is terribly dried out and you aren't going to sit on it for a few weeks, then you can use it. Still, the upholstry will have to be cleaned before you take the car for a drive. use one of the pastes available for leather cleaning in the same store the oil comes from. This oil is great for preserving and re-hydrating, leather. It's not so great if you are going to sit on the leather. One last thing, Oil of any kind should NEVER be used on suede. It's only for finished surfaces.

      I almost forgot, the oil will darken the leather a bit. So go easy on it. Usually these leathers were darker when new. They dried out and lightened up a bit with age. Don't soak them. Like the old Brillcream ad said; A little dab'll do ya!

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      K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
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