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  • Wheels / Tires: Torque Thrust Wheels 59 Lark

    First of all I'm not asking anyone to do my homework did not find much on the search. Looking to purchase new wheels and tires for the 59 Lark, leaning towards the American Racing torque Thrust series. What wheel width would best. Not sure on backspacing. Tire size??. Still using drum brakes, but considering Turners kit.. Thanks in advance for your input.....Gearhead
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    I can offer some info on what I used as it may be of help.

    For my 59 Lark I used Centerline 15"x7". I think any wider on the front could be a problem. The modern 15" wheel will allow disc brakes to be used. I have even seen disc brakes on a Stude with 14" wheels but I have no idea of the calipers.

    Tires I use are 235/60 but when I buy new tires I may go to 215/70. 205/75 can be used but not by me for my Lark. It all depends on the height and width you want.

    I can't recall the backspacing but I may have the invoice somewhere with the details, but that was nearly 20 years ago. Someone may have the limits on backspacing.

    One thing though the suspension on my Lark is in tip top condition and has Moog variable rate springs which, I believe, help the most when using wider and maybe taller tires than stock.


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      You mean like these ?

      Mine were installed by the previous owner. They were 15" x 6" with 205 x 75 tires on them.
      I personally don't know how a wider wheel and lager (wider) tire can be fitted, as the combination on my 59 were...pretty tight a fit !! No room for fingers between the tire and outer fender in the back, and less room in the front being close to the steering arms (the SAME wheel)..!

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        I'm sure to offend someone --again!! But those wheels just looks sooo out of place. Like Aunt Bea in a DB-7.