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Engine Oil Dipstick location

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  • Engine Oil Dipstick location


    Hi Guys,
    During our unseasonably warm and snow free weather, I decided to drag out the 1951 Starlite Coupe and get back to work on it.
    My question is this, the engine I rebuilt for it is a 170 cid out of a 1949 8G (Starlite coupe purchased without engine or transmission) and when I finished the build and installation on it I can't find the dipstick location. It has an oil filler tube which has a stock cap on it with no dipstick. Did these have a dipstick on the filler cap, or am I missing a hole on the block?
    Thanks for your help.

    John Wright Runnels

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    If your flathead is like the 50 flathead I have, the oil fill in the back of the engine block should have the dipstick underneath the cap as well. The oil fill(and cap) served double duty as an oil fill and as a dipstick. }


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      My fill is on the d/s and located forward. I think that you are right because I can find no other hole or access points to use. Does anyone have a good used dipstick and oil fill cap?

      John Runnels
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