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Original '62 insert?

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  • Interior: Original '62 insert?

    Looked at what appears to be a 25k mile '62 Daytona hardtop today. Paint is weak but interior appears to be original. I know the inserts in these cars were notorious for not lasting more than a couple years without cracking/getting bad, but is this that odd ball that actually survived - or did someone replace them 50 years ago with something similar but longer lasting.

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    If in Person, in good Lighting, they appear Tan rather than the Gray I see here they COULD be Original, but I am guessing New softer replacements. I do not recall ANY Gray '62's, if there were, they would be extremely few and rare.

    The Original Insert Material was quite stiff, hard and brittle even when new.

    Is that a Brown Dash and Door Panel?
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      Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
      Is that a Brown Dash and Door Panel?
      I am going to say it is the taupe color available in '62. My first Studebaker was a '62 regal four door with this color interior - although not a lot of it was left - Texas sun had baked it to a crisp.


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        Can you post a pic of the bucket seat back? How about the top of the back seat as well? Was curious if the "S" was '63 only. That is a sweet piece you bought.
        Rob in PA.


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          No symbols or emblems anywhere on the seats - think those Lark emblems were a '63 only thing.