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  • Fuel System: Fuel Filter Draining

    I am searching for answers. My car has been running great at the International Meet. I discovered a fuel spot on my garage floor so I did some checking. Looked like it was coming from the fuel sensor above the tank. I replaced the sender and the fuel cap. I ordered from SI. The cap is supposed to be vented but when I take cap off i hear a sound like a pressure relief. I drove the car about 20 miles and after about 20 minutes it is VERY difficult to start. After I got it home I started doing more checking. I see in the fuel filter that there is bubbles coming from the fuel pump side of the filter and draining down. What would cause this? I even have the cap off and it still drains down. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

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    Some Studebakers have a vented cap and some don't check to see if your model requires a vented cap.


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      I've run across caps that were supposed to be vented and were not, so if in doubt, drill a small hole in it.