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  • Engine: Dowel pins

    Could someone please tell me if there should be dowel locating pins on an overhead valve 6 cyl. for the head? I did not have the machine work done. the block was punched .060, and I don't know if the block was decked and they forgot to replace them. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    None of the OHV six engines that I have had apart had dowel pins (about 4 different engines).
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      Find two long bolts to match the threads in the block; I think they are 7/16-14 NC. Make sure they are at least as long as the longest actual head bolts. Saw the heads off with a hacksaw, and use the hacksaw to make a screwdriver slot in the cut end. Screw these into the block 3-4 turns, drop the prepared head gasket over them, and then use them as guides to seat the head. Get a few head bolts started, and then use a screwdriver, if needed, to remove those temporary dowel bolts. Makes the job easier, and helps prevent wrecking a head gasket.
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        Thank you all for your responses. They are very much appreciated.