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Avanti Speedometer Cable Question

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: Avanti Speedometer Cable Question

    How do disconnect the speedometer cable from the transmission?
    I have a 1964 Avanti. The speedometer was not working, so I replaced it, but the new speedometer still didn't work, so I removed it. Then I drove a short distance and determined that the cable is not turning.
    Do I have to disconnect the cable from the transmission and if so, how do I do it? I can't see the cable from the sides of the transmission, so am not sure where it attaches. Incidentally, I don't have a lift, I am raising it on some ramps only.
    Any help is greatly appreciated, as I am not a mechanic. Thanks. Bill

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    The speedo drive cable runs inside an armored cable that goes into the left side of the transmission. The armored cable’s got a bullet shaped end inside the trans and is held in place under a metal tab & 3/8’s bolt.


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      Look in the tail section on the driver's side for the cable skyway mentioned. Transmission fluid will come out when you remove the cable so be prepared.


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        Thank you both for the information. I have been away for the last two weeks. I plan to tackle this problem this week.


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          You’re welcome & please let us know what you find.