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Installing 1964 Lark dash in 1963 Lark.

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  • Interior: Installing 1964 Lark dash in 1963 Lark.

    Somewhere in the internet universe there was an article about installing a 1964-66 Lark dash in a 1963. Finding myself now in that situation, I'd like to read it again but can't find it.
    It was a good'un, with pictures. Anybody recall it?

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    If it was here or Linked from here, I am not sure WHAT that String's Title was, but chances are pretty good, I was on it.

    I had a '63 Wagonaire with a '64 Cruiser Complete Dash, and the ONLY difference was the Parking Brake and the Speedometer Location.

    You can get a '64 Speedometer Cable, or just put it in the Right side hole like it was on the '63.

    I don't remember if a couple holes had to be drilled to mount the Hand "E" Brake instead of the Foot "E" Brake Pedal.

    Very much a true "Bolt In" !
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Dash.jpg Views:	0 Size:	95.2 KB ID:	1949034< This is a '64 Daytona Convertible Interior.
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        I didn't find any Slideshow Pictorial there though.

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      Matt Burnette at Stephen Allens put a new dash in the '63 Lark he recently sold. He had pix on the "Members Rides" section of this forum. That was maybe close to a year ago. Hope you can find it. Bill


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        There should be just enough wire to account for the ignition switch on the opposite side of the column. The connector for the main wiring harness may be different between the '63 and '64. I swapped out a '64 dash into a '63 wagon some years ago but went with as much of the '64 as possible including swing brake pedal and adding the bracket on the frame for the E brake. There is a reinforcing bracket for the firewall as well. Your plan- if only to switch dashes and keep all '63 hardware and dash bezel with gauges and wiring should be fine.
        Rob in PA.