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connect wire to door switch how?

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  • connect wire to door switch how?

    This is the best picture I have of the switch in question, from a 52.

    I don't have the original wiring so I am simply not sure what to attach to. The loop on the side? (A) The clip in the middle? (B) Both? Neither looks like an obvious connection point to me.

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    A flat spade wire term. connects to the side Term. from the side. It is a grounding switch only so that one wire should do it.

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      Whew! Glad I asked. My guess was the middle terminal thing.


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        hey Rich, I don't want to beat a dead horse, but when I went to wire these last night it kind of looks like it all connected back here anyway. True enough?
        I stuck a donut type connection on the end of the wire. It slid under the side loop, up an over a little lead bump and is held on top by the middle tang thing. Seems good.

        The reason I get so specific is that the car won't see juice or run for a year or even longer. If I don't do it right now it will be a long time before I find out. It's hard to figure out a puzzle when you only have half the pieces.


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          Just test the switch on the bench... Measure continuity (or lack thereof!) with an ohm meter, with your meter alligator clamps connected to the side terminal and to one of the switch's mounting tabs (equivalent to grounding to the car). See what happens when you depress the button. Switch should be open when depressed (high/infinite ohms) and closed when the button is released (low, less than 1 ohm).

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