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Prestolite distributor question pt 3.

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  • Prestolite distributor question pt 3.

    Part one:
    Part Two:

    Thanks for all the help so far guys.

    Okay, so I have the Distributor apart, have the new weights and cam.

    I went to remove the old weights and noticed something I had missed before...the springs attached to the weights...aren't they supposed to be the same??

    One of them is smaller, with a tighter coil, but with little resistance...or pull. It springs back into shape no problem.

    The other one is about one third longer, with a looser coil (more space between the wires) and is much stiffer, made of a thicker gauge metal. It is not sprung. It is positively a different spring.

    Question, is this the way it is supposed to be? And if not.. which one is right? Does it even make a difference? Obviously the car has been driven for a long time with these installed. Thanks again!!

    I am sure I will have more questions as I progress.

    1963 Lark Custom, 259 V8, TT, 4 doors, 2 tone paint, and garaged for the winter...I can't wait til spring!!

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    Two different springs is not unusual. When it's back together check it with a timing light to see when you get full centrifugal advance and how much. Also make sure the timing settles back down to its static setting when the throttle is closed. If you are getting enough advance at the proper RPM range your good with your springs.


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