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    I sent my WCFB out to be redone completely and should be getting it back next week. I told him it is for a '56 Sky Hawk, 289 V8. Will he need any more info to "tune" it properly? I have no idea about stuff like this. He did say that the carb will be dyno tested when done.


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    Depends on who "He" is, but if he is a carb builder by trade you should be in good hands

    1964 Daytona Wagonaire


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      no matter how much dyno testing, you usually have to adjust
      the idle mixture and speed screws for each individual engine

      Tex E. Grier


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        There's a lot of things I can say about carburetor rebuilders..."pro" or not.
        A "pro" just means he's getting paid for it!

        Rads -
        I hope you perm. marked the main pieces of your carb.
        You MAY not get all of YOUR pieces back...and if this happens...good luck.

        I can tell you of a few horror stories that I know of dealing with this exact situation.

        And as Flash says, no matter what, you will need at adjust it to "mate" it "properly" to your engines needs. I'd be very surprised if you didn't need to.

        They aren't that difficult to do...but the kit, follow the instructions...keep it in your own hands.

        Good luck.



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          It depends on what Carburetor. I'm not familiar with a WCFB. I'm not sure, but if in that year, they used a Stromberg then if he hasn't seen many of those carbs he might not do that good of a job. If it's a Carter, they're pretty standard, so he'll probably do fine. Check in your area with someone you know. A lot of times you can find a good expert in whatever service you need. Like I know someone who knows my rare automatic so well that he can rebuilt it in his sleep.

          1951 Commander Land cruiser