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    If anyone has an OLD Hurst Competition/Plus installation kit, p/n 373-4734, or a 1-2 shift rod, p/n 213-2138, I could sure use it. I've purchased two kits from Jeg's for my '55 coupe and the 1-2 shift rod that is coming with the new production kits DOES NOT WORK. Worse, heating and bending the Hurst shift rods doesn't work either; the metal cracks when attempting to straighten out the old bends, even after being heated cherry red. I currently have a stock "suggestion lever" installed, but I dream of precise shifting. see below for details... if you have what I need let me know your price.




    I wrote to you last weekend regarding the shifter I'd purchased for my car.
    I purchased install kit no. 373-4734 which is supposedly the correct part
    number for this application; however, the 1-2 shift rod (part number
    213-2138) simply does not fit. When trying to select second gear the rod
    hits the case of the transmission, and not in an area that can be ground
    for clearance. I have installed Hurst shifters on several other
    Studebakers and have not had this issue. I spoke to one of your
    representatives on Monday and basically was told that there couldn't be a
    problem due to quality control etc. I took the corresponding rod off of a
    Hurst on my '62 Stude and it appears similar but the bends are in different
    places; that rod works fine. The one that works is stamped "2138 28" while
    the new one that does not work is stamped "2138 24." I assumed that there
    still was a QC issue and ordered another complete install kit (they didn't
    have the rod in stock) from Jeg's planning on returning the one with the
    rod that didn't fit. The new kit has a 1-2 rod that appears identical to
    the one that I received last week. At this point I guess I have no choice
    but to bend the new rod to match the old one so that I can use my car, but
    I thought that you should be aware of this issue as the T-10 is a common
    transmission in other cars and I am sure you will be hearing from other
    customers as they run into the same issue.

    The rod that works has the following approximate lengths of straight rod
    between the bends, from the transmission end:

    4-7/8" (center of pin to center of bend)
    2-3/8" (center of bend to center of bend)
    2-1/4" (same)

    the last bend is very close to the threaded part of the rod.

    the new rod, that doesn't work, is as follows:


    obviously now the last bend is over an inch away from the threaded part of
    the rod. this last bend is what runs into the trans. case when trying to
    select second gear. the bends appear to be similar in angle, and in the
    same place relative to each other, just in the wrong places.

    I hope you find this helpful.


    Nate Nagel

    55 Commander Starlight
    55 Commander Starlight