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1950 studebaker 4 lug wheels

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  • 1950 studebaker 4 lug wheels

    I'm sure this is an old question to the Studebaker world but new to me. Are there any other rims that fit the 4 on 4 bolt pattern on this car? I would like to run other than stock rims for a while. I found some wire wheels that I could have the centers welded and redrilled (they then are held on with knock-off wing nuts). Pretty nice except I worry about the added stress on the brake drums and axles. Suggestions. Thanks. Jay

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    Welcome to the forum Jay! I to have been thinking of changing to a different wheel on my 48 Champion. I did see a pair of Ford (mag style ) four lug, sixteen inch wheels last summer at a flea market. I should have bought them but I didn't. There was some Chevy 11's and Fox body Fords that had four lug wheels back in sixties and seventies that had four lug wheels. Thats about the best I can tell you right now. Keep me posted please.



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      Jay, I don't know how you could figure than different wheels were gonna cause undue stress on the drums and axles. Those pieces are gonna carry the same loads and stresses no matter what puts it to them. I'd say so long as the offset wasn't really whack-o and the snugged up flatly to the drums, they ought to do just fine.[^]

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        Be ware...some of these will have metric bolt patterns as well as the lug studs themselves.[8] As the old saying goes.."measure twice...cut once". Try to "borrow" one for a trial fit first. Some of those drums have a weierd facing where the wheel mounts...won't let the lug studs come through.[:0] Hope this helps.
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