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Truck front axle brake upgrade or convert

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  • Truck front axle brake upgrade or convert

    I have a Studebaker truck front axle that I believe is off of a 1941-48 M5 truck. My dad did an axle swap on his 1941 Chevy a while back and now I am trying to rework the brakes. Looking at redoing front brakes which have dual bore wheel cylinders. 1 3/8" and 1" bores. Anyway, these are manually adjustable brakes and looking for any upgrades or conversions you might suggest. New wheel cylinders seem to be pretty pricey so just want to explore all options.

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    If the M brakes are the same as later STude truck brakes, I believe you can bolt on brakes from a '64 Champ or else adapt passenger car brakes to it by redrilling the pass. car backing plates. Of course if you use the pass. car brakes you will need to buy different wheels... Also Turner might have a disc kit (so long as we're talking about a 1/2 ton here...)


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    55 Commander Starlight


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      If it was mine, Id put a complete aerostar front end under it. The front crossmember is removable but you have to make upper aframe stand brackets. It's not too difficult to copy the original placement with respect to the crossmember. You have to tilt the rack and pinion rearward towards the column, but I sell a special bracket kit for that if you can't quite handle the construction of it.


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        I installed 63 champ backing plates & brakes & a hydrovac on my 62 champ
        the trucks stops very good.

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          Gary Ash is the expert on this but I believe that the 63-64 backing plates are a bolt on and the wheel cyinders for them are widely available. I rebuilt the brakes on my M5 with original plates/wheel cylinders because the po had the cylinders resleeved by White Post? restorations. But I am always on the lookout for the later plates for later use.

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