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Jacking Up Front End-1941 Champion

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  • Front Axle / Front Suspension: Jacking Up Front End-1941 Champion

    Where are the jackpoints for jacking the front end on a 1941 Champion? On late model cars that I've had I used the oil pan but that doesn't seem like a good idea on this car...The manual shows a 3-point JBA-xxx tool for raising the front end...Is that really neccesary?

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    Depends on the task you are planning on doing. For a car with Planar suspension, if I need the entire front end off the ground, I place the jack under the center mount of the transverse leaf spring. Then I place safety stands under the frame rails on both sides. To lift only one side, I usually lift on that side's frame rail and add a jack stand for safety.

    If you have a good concrete floor and rolling shop jack, lifting should not be a problem. However, if you are lifting from the ground, a well supported straight up lifting bottle jack is much safer. I have some thick pieces of plywood I use under jacks and the jack stands when lifting on the dirt floor in my pole barn.
    John Clary
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      I have a block of wood that fits between the bolts on the center spring mount and jack on that. Then jack stands under the frame rails. Some operations in the manual (king pins!) say you have to use a "planar suspension lifting bar" to keep the suspension at ride height while jacked up. I rigged something similar from a 4x4 fence post but the Sept/Oct. 2021 Antique Studebaker Review had a diagram of the actual bar in it. I may fab one up some day.

      It is NOT a good idea to jack any car on the oil pan. Motor mounts are designed to take the weight of the engine, not the whole car. And that weight should be going DOWN on the mounts not up. Plus you may cave in/crack your pan. If there is not an obvious jack pad pick a place where a major suspension part attaches, those tend to be beefed up.