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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Hurst Comp Plus Shifter

    So I have the Hurst unit in my Avanti. I also have a shift stick that looks just like the stick the car originally came with. I always loved the Hurst "T" handle knob so I purchased one and a kit to adapt the 3/8 -16 to the 5/18 -18. Now follow me, the standard stick had about a 45 degree angle to it, the Stude stick has no angle. This is fine for a round ball, but that "T" handle was not made to be attached to a straight stick, in use, with a straight stick, it is uncomfortable to grab, due to the angle, on the OEM Hurst stick this would be no problem. So I guess I either get used to my hand at an odd angle, or just continue to use the round ball on the top.

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    Now you know why I commented that I found out decades ago I didn't like T handle knobs. They're fine for moving straight front and back as for an automatic , but uncomfortable for a H pattern plus, stick shift. You also tend to twist them when you shift, which makes them tighten and loosen constantly.


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      The reason I did not want to utilize the Comp Plus handle is because I would have had to cut up the beautiful wood console area and put a chrome square ring around the Hurst rubber boot. Oh well, live-n-learn...maybe sell the knob or give it away to a friend with a '65 GTO 4 speed. LOL now that pistol grip handle on the Vanishing Point Challenger also was of interest!!:-)