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Putting GM Turbo 400 In 65 Daytona Need Speed-O Cable Help

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Putting GM Turbo 400 In 65 Daytona Need Speed-O Cable Help

    I am swapping the 283 in my 65 Daytona for a 327 out of a 67 Avanti II. I am also swapping the Borg-Warner transmission for a 69 vintage short shaft turbo 400. The speedometer cable hook-up is different for the T-400. Anyone got a source for a cable to replace the original with?


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    A T-400 ??
    I know you have your desires..but...?

    I also know that you know this but...they are heavy, large, high in...(spinning) parasitic losses...marginal gear ratios (as compared to say the T-200-4R). And sure it'll hold up to 3000/3500hp !

    John Kilgore Transmissions (SoCal.) can make you a (internally) light weight T-400. It robs much less engine power than a stock version. Not up to 3000hp, but should withstand 2000hp. easy enough.

    I still have a one that's got super strong materials inside that I had made up as a "second" for my old Pro GAs Anglia. I never needed it. The trans. that John built for me held up very well, even going into reverse at 129mph (long story). It's sitting in one of my closets !
    Hmm, maybe I should put it up for sale. I sorta forgot all about it.



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      To stay on topic, I suggest you contact Jack Nordstrom, in Texas. His info is in the Want Ads section over on the 56J Only site. He developed a kit for installing TH400 into 56Js, and I used one. His kit came with an adapted speedo cable to do exactly what you are looking to do. It may also be possible to find one at a GM transmission site such as Bow Tie. There are many such sites, and the Stude speedo head is common size for that era, also used on GM. So that is likely where Jack Nordstrom sourced them in the first place. Good Luck!


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        Thanks for the tip. I'll contact Jack. I also found a shop in Milwaukee, (50 minutes from me), that does custom cables and housings. As for the 200 4R, they're nice but hard to come by cheap. The biggest reason I stayed with the T-400 is I had one and I am trying to keep everything in the build pre-1970.



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          I used a cable for a pre '76 Jeep CJ (around $12 on ebay at the time) when I swapped to a 4L60 , but it has the same end fittings as fit the TH300 that was in my dads car which I swapped out for a 700R4 and didn't need to change the cable. The cable and fittings a pretty "standard" the trick is finding the correct length for your application.