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  • Stude Bonneville pictures

    Anybody out there have any photos of the Stude Bonneville cars besides what's in the magazines etc. Need info to aid in restoration. Engine shots, trunk shots, oil cooler photos or info on type, gages etc.

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    I second that request, having the same issue as Nels. BTW, I spent some time speaking to Louise Ann Noeth who published the "Book" on Bonneville and she has promised me that she will review her collection and provide what she can........which car are you looking for Nels, the Convertible?


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      Nels: You might try contacting our NASCAR photo guru, Bob Coolidge.

      While he specializes in Studebaker-related NASCAR material, he might have run across some odd Bonneville photos in the course of his travels.

      His e-mail is trnstrtrk (at) BP
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        Chuck, yes uts the conv. Its well on the way now and the hard tofigureparts have started to come together but some pictures would really help. How's the Avanti?
        Bob, I'll check that lead.


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          There are some on this page, about 2/3 down.. Bonneville 2003/2006

          Bob Johnstone

          64 GT Hawk
          55 President State Sedan
          70 Avanti (R3)
          64 GT Hawk (K7)
          1970 Avanti (R3)


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            Check out Turning Wheels late 1980's to early 1990's for articles on several Stude's run at Bonneville. There are several articles with pictures that were about the cars running there.


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              Nels, The R3 chassis has the Body in the Paint Shop, the chassis has been complete since about Oct. They're going to spray the engine compartment, then place the body on the chassis before the final body spray. Still need a pair of NOS Front Gabriels if anyone knows where a set is available. I was hoping for completion a month ago, the paint guys are bloody perfectionists and they're work load is still heavy. Lots of $$$ still being spent on Classic cars here in SoCal. Once this one is complete I get to start on the #90 Bonneville car.


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                Chuck, I visited the hipo Stude site for the first time last night and saw your post from a year ago. You had some photos of the engine compartment and wanted to know if all was ok. Maybe someone has commented about this but the oil filler tube/vent should be red, not black. Also the front harmonic balancer and pulleys should be red. Now to make it real ugly, the surge tank is also red. The trans, I think yours is a 4 spd, and bell housing should be red along with the rear brake drums.
                I know you are trying to be correct on all this stuff but I wouldn't blame you if you left it as I saw it in the photos.


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                  Thanks, Nels. Your the first to mention those issues and I appreciate it very much. It'll be a lot easier fixing those paint issues now before the body gets placed on the chassis. We'll start on those tomorrow!


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                    Although I am not restoring a Studebaker salt record car, they are fascinating for all of us. Some of their unique features are amazing.

                    Would you gentlemen be so kind as to post pictures that you have in your archives, or even the photos of your projects before, during, and after?

                    Mr. Bove's discussion on the forged dropped spindle set up is a great story in itself. And photos of that would be worthy of a technical reference. How many people even know they had factory forging numbers on these unique parts? And where are the rest of the parts that were forged, they didn't make one set only?

                    There is a lot of great information that many here on the technical forum would be appreciative to know about.

                    sigpic 1963 Studebaker Avanti: LS1 motor and T-56 transmission have been moved rearward, set up as a two seat coupe with independent rear suspension. Complex solutions for nonexistant problems.


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                      Gene, One of my problems is not knowing how to post pictures on this site. I know its easy but it isn't for me.
                      Stude was on the edge of releasing some pretty neat stuff right at the end. It must have been costed out at the last second. The front end changes are pretty cool for sure and yes, the R3 setup was to have dropped spindles, approx two inchs, and lowered upper control arms one inch.


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                        When building our car, we took detail shots of a number of C and K bodied cars. Look in the photo section of salt2salt. Geisler's car and Hart's car are well represented.

               (LP three-wheeler project)


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                          Greg, I have been to the website you specified, and I am just as impressed with what the independent campaigners have done over the years as well as what Studebaker did at the salt flats in the 60's.

                          quote:Gene, One of my problems is not knowing how to post pictures on this site
                          Mr. Bove send me a PM. Will be happy to exchange, 1/2 day instructional on site (yours), "tutorial information for posting pictures" in exchange for (select one):
                          1. Copy of Stude magazine article on chambered exhaust.
                          2. Tour of the Stude Performance Museum and Delorean Heritage Center in Cincinnati
                          3. Two Rally's Hamburgers.
                          sigpic 1963 Studebaker Avanti: LS1 motor and T-56 transmission have been moved rearward, set up as a two seat coupe with independent rear suspension. Complex solutions for nonexistant problems.


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                            Will probably take you up on that in a couple weeks. Leaving Wednesday for warmer territory but will be back. One of these days I will find that Stude chambered exhaust article but 'till then you will have to take the tour and hamburgers.


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                              I'll tag along for the burgers. I'm not sure if you realized what you've gotten yourself into Gene.

                              Dan Giblin
                              Cincinnati, OH
                              Dan Giblin
                              Cincinnati, OH