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Behind Avanti rear seat

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  • Interior: Behind Avanti rear seat

    Trying to identify some items behind the rear seat of my Avanti. In the picture I believe the 4 bolts labeled "SB" are seat belt anchor points. The two bolts in the circle have rubber bumpers on the other side and I have no idea what they are for. I also do not know what the hole next to the arrow is for. Thanks for any help identifying these items and if you see anything else in the photo that is odd please let me know.
    Tom Click image for larger version

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    The hole next to the arrow is the rear seat back securing hole. It takes a 1/4-20 rubber well nut & bolt. There is one on the drivers side of the tunnel as well, and appears to have the remains of a well nut still in it. The 2 holes in the circle are not factory holes, and may hay been mounting holes for a fuel filter or electric fuel pump bracket.
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      Is ALL of the Tank Venting Hose in place?

      I don't know for sure, but I have seen pictures of someone's Vent System in place and there was a Hole similar to the one with the arrow for a Drain to the Ground Hose.
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        Thank you for the information LarkTruck! I didn't think those two holes in the circle were stock but good to get confirmation.
        StudeRich - the vent hoses are in place just not in the picture. I still need to use my endoscope to see the condition of the hose in the pillar but it is there. The hole for it is up on the horizontal part where the gas tank sits.

        The bolts in the seat belt holes are really being stubborn...gonna have to apply some heat to get them out!


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          Be careful with the heat! Fiberglass is very flammable.
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