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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Powershift Transmission Question

    1964 Hawk Flight - O - Matic Powershift transmission: This transmission has a Governor that is, per OH manual, for a 6 cylinder car. All the other transmissions (5 of them) have the one shown in OH manual as being for a V8 engine. DOES ANYONE know if a past transmission rebuilder installed the wrong governor; OR, if a Power Shift transmission uses a 6 cylinder Governor? There is NOTHING in the Power Shift part of the overhaul manual about governor; just the different valve body.
    I need to know ASAP if anyone has knowledge in this; at this time I am at a standstill to finish putting the transmission together. PLEASE Email me OR Call on my Cell Phone 701-721-3617 as soon as possible. I would like to get this car back on the road - with the correct Governor. Thanks, Dan Caswell, Minot, ND

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    I don't know if this helps, but what I DO know is, that Both a 6 Cyl. Flight-O-Matic and a Power Shift do share a common occurrence, the fact that they BOTH have the capability of going through all 3 Gears.

    The 6 Cyl. Starts in Low and the Power Shift is designed to manually shift through all 3.

    UPDATE: The '59 to '64 Chassis Parts Catalog to the rescue AGAIN!

    The 6 Cyl. Flight-O-Matic used in '61S to '62S and some '63-'64S is the AS20-8
    The Powershift is the AS2-10

    They BOTH use the Picture # 830-5 Governor Assy. 1553328 per Page 278 of Group 8.

    The # 830-5,14, 1553002 Governor and Sleeve, is also common to both.

    The V8 Flight-O-Matic's use a Totally different Governor, it would be my guess that as stated above, it's because of the Second Gear Start.
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