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289 solid lifters.

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  • Engine: 289 solid lifters.

    Are Studebaker solid lifters reusable. None of the lifters I removed from my '60 motor show abnormal wear.
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    Of course they are, but once removed from their Original Cam Lobe, if not put back correctly, a Regrind Camshaft, Lifter Set or Both is required.

    Wait for it ... Jack V, our resident Pro "Machinist" will say: "For True" or "Yes, No, Maybe" !!
    That's OK, the more opinions the better.
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      The lifters can be reground. I send mine to Phil Harris at Fairborn Studebaker.
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        I would not reuse old lifters on a new or reground camshaft. That is asking to wipe out one or more of the lobes on the cam. New lifters are available so why take a chance on destroying a good cam. Bud


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          You CAN use old lifters provided you do 2 things correctly:
          1. install them in exactly the same bores they were removed from.
          2. re-install the cam they came with.

          You CANNOT mix old and new parts (cam/lifters)


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            Absolutely what they said. They gotta go back in the same hole they came out of, and if you didn't do that, you are out several hundred bucks. Years ago in the AHS (auto hobby shop) on base, an E-8 came in and proceeded to pull and completely dismantle the engine of his Buick (which seemed to run fine when it came in) After a day of universal puzzlement in the shop, Hogan, the supervisor, had to ask him what he was doing. The zebra replied "overhauling the engine" Hogan said you haven't checked out any number stamps, I hope you know where the pistons and lifters go. ( The engine had no factory stamps on the rod caps.) Zebra had a big pile of parts on the table and no idea where they came from. He spent 3 more days trying to figure out where things went before buying a new motor. He spent over a week and hundreds of 1970's dollars on a project that didn't need doing all because he was an E-8 that wasn't about to ask for guidance or accept any E-5's advice.
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