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  • Brakes: Wheel Cylinder Piston Question

    Hi Guys,

    I'm having to replace the entire brake system including the 7/8" bore rear wheel cylinders on my '55 Speedster (equipped with Turner front disk conversion).
    Per this thread and this page, I ordered the AC Delco Part# 18E478 (3/4" bore) however, the pistons aren't cupped to receive the brake cylinder push rod. See attached pic.
    Wondering if this is normal -- it doesn't feel quite right as the push rod easily "wanders" on the surface of the piston when I tried to do a dry fit.
    Is there another manufacturer/part# I should order to get those cupped pistons in this size?

    Thanks for the help,

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    The forum thread you referenced is about wheel cylinders on a later Stude with factory disc brakes. They use a different wheel cylinder than your Speedster, though the cylinders you purchased aren’t correct for that application either.

    There are multiple Studebaker-specific parts stores around the country that sell the correct wheel cylinders.
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      Thanks, mbstude for the reply -- I'll be the first to admit lack of competence in this department! TBH, I didn't realize the car would care if it was front disks from the factory or a conversion, so thought I could go from 7/8" to 3/4" -- that's what I thought I had read anyway. Fair enough. Lesson learned. Ordering "legit 7/8"" wheel cylinders now.
      Thanks again.


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        This is what is often happening a lot lately when not shopping at Studebaker Vendors.

        In the OP's case he deliberately ordered the Wrong Parts thinking they would fit the Backing Plates and Shoes which they do not.

        But many people trust the application data provided by On line Parts Stores and or eBay.

        The problem with that must be, that since Studebaker Parts orders do not happen every Day for them like more common Makes, they simply have Not taken the time to get the Various Years, Engines and Models info for Brake and other Parts correct, it's about a 50/50 or less chance of getting the correct parts.
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