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Frost Plugs in 1963 Avanti

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  • Engine: Frost Plugs in 1963 Avanti

    The frost plugs in my 63 Avanti are leaking. It appears that the engine will need to be lifted in order to get to five of the six plugs. Is it possible to just raise the engine and transmission together in the engine compartment and then support them safely while the frost plugs are replaced? It appears there are no frost plugs in the rear of the engine block under the transmission bell housing.
    If the transmission and engine have to be separated, is there a "dialing in" procedure that must be preformed to ensure the transmission and engine are properly aligned? I kinda remember reading about this procedure years ago but I can find nothing in the shop manual.
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    Be way easier and a lot less blood loss from scrapes and cuss words to just pull the engine.


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      The CORE Plugs CAN be replaced in the Car with the Engine in it's place. It MAY require just removing an Exhaust Manifold or 2.

      You just need the proper TOOL, a Seal Driver.

      NO on the re-Dialing-In the Bell Housing.
      That is ONLY needed when the Original Engine is replaced with a Non-matched Block to the Housing.

      Also, there is No need to separate your combination. IF it DID require lifting, you would loosen all Mountings and raise the Complete Assembly.
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        mine leaked due to sediment settling at the frost plug lower line, i love my rubber plug, flush with something strong take em all out , take drain plug out flush again,and screw them in , drive car done enjoy live life


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          Guys, like wheels vs. rims, the plugs are "actually core plugs".
          They are there so the foundry can remove all of the sand from within the block after casting...(or core mold material). Their secondary reason for being is the freeze or frost plug. They don't very often work in that respect though.

          I've seen WAY more cracked blocks from the very cold than plugs being pushed out from the cold..!



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            On these engines there is a ridge on the inside of the core hole for the core plug to sit against when hitting it with a drift to seal it, if that ridge is rotted, rusted away the standard core plug will not work as there is nothing for to stop against. On my engine they were all rotted away so I made my own by casting some lead plugs with some associated parts with an O ring against the outside of the block and squeezed it in tight. All of them are a tight fit and don't leak and can't rust out.


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              IIRC, there are 2 styles of core plugs. The older ones were dished shape and did go against a ridge. They were installed by tapping them thus expanding them. The newer ones, such as for the Avanti, are cup shaped and should fit snuggly in the hole. I use a little permatex around the rim to provide a good seal.
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