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Is this a Studebaker mirror?

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  • Is this a Studebaker mirror?

    Junk yes, but is it Studebaker junk?
    This was in the trunk when I bought my 52 Champion 11 years ago. I've already painted the car and never filled the holes in the drivers door. So I need to use a mirror with at least the same screw spacing.
    If I can identify the mirror it would be a good start. I didn't see one similar in my older SI catalog. If it is Stude, where do you get one? Or is the screw spacing the same as the 2 commonly offered for the 1952 year?

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    I think I can safely say that it is not a Studebaker mirror. It is certainly not a 52 mirror. Reproductions of the stock mirror are available and I can measure my hole spacing if you would like.

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      Yes please, what is the spacing of the holes on the 52 mirror? And which are you checking, I think there are 2 correct for that year. So this isn't a Studebaker mirror? I thought it looked kind of hawkish....
      I like it. Can anyone identify?


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        Yes, it is common aftermarket Mirror, I think a Roburk. Sold and used in the '60's and 70's.
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          Google doesn't have much on Roburk or Roberk. I am intrigued.
          I will try a little "lark shine" on it. Maybe it will look decent!

          Maybe a gennie will pop out of it. [)]


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            That genie might just be a doppleganger -- BEWARE!!

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