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How do I put down my 1963 lark top?

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  • Other: How do I put down my 1963 lark top?

    Hi. I have a 1963 studebaker lark. I am new at classic cars. But how do you put the top down?

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    I hope its a convertible , About 9" to the right of the steering column is a chrome handle move it to the right or left to get the top to go down ,Its on the bottom of the dash board , Also unlock the two top latches on the windshield header which is above your head behind the sunvisors , And you should unzip the rear window and lay it in the top well , Finally if the top was never replaced or not replaced correctly there is a velcro strip to the right and left of the rear quarter window depending on what side of the car you are looking at , This velcro should be separated , If it is not a convertible a sawzall would work , Ed
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      "I hope it's a convertible"... Classic! XD

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    Operation and Care booklet was a supplement inserted in the Owner's Guide. This one is for a '62 but I believe it is the same as a '63. Click on pics to enlarge.


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      Thanks so much!!!


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        Saw a nice Lark convertible in the salvage yard years ago, but the top and interior were demolished. It seems these 2 brothers went to an auction where they consumed a quantity of barley pop. They ended up with 2 goats so they put them in the car. On the way home they stopped at a cafe to eat and when they came out, they found the goats had eaten the top and the interior of the car.